All your information in a single view

BPM4cloud is a tool to centralize information from different systems in a single interface. This way the user can make decisions without the need to consult data in different applications.

Its powerful integration layer (Enterprise Service Bus) allows it to communicate synchronously with third-party systems to extract and aggregate information.

The user interface is 100% customizable and adaptable to each case. BPM4cloud adapts perfectly to your management needs.

Key aspects


Based on OPENSOURCE technology


Integrable with different types of databases and third-party systems

pictos_soluciones personalizadas

100% customizable


CLOUD ready


  • Media catalog and management (subtitling, dubbing, audiodescription, signing)
  • Quality control process control
  • Image catalog and management (VOD posters)
  • Web portal for exchange with clients and suppliers
  • Automatic distribution to online platforms (VOD, OTT)
  • Automatic EPG publishing
  • Dashboard with business indicators (KPI)
  • Workers and connectors for automatic tasks and integrations
  • File movement
  • Metadata extraction and transformation
  • Media transcoding
  • User management and LDAP integration

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