DAMbrigde allows you to create and publish news directly from the scene of the event.

  • Connect with your audience instantly. Share your news in real time and connect with your audience immediately.
  • Save time and effort. No need to travel to the newsroom.
  • Strengthen collaboration and teamwork. Facilitates real-time collaboration among editorial teams, preventing their isolation. Allows for comments and smooth revisions from the newsroom and from the scene of the event.

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Your essential tool for mobile journalism

With DAMbrigde, you will have everything you need to create and publish news quickly, efficiently, and professionally. It is the perfect tool for journalists.

  • Up-to-date information. Constant news updates through text editing and media content integration.
  • Cross-platform availability. Access your content from anywhere, on any device, with both iOS and Android.

MOJO ready

The DAMBridge app empowers journalists to gather, edit, and publish content from anywhere, anytime.

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