Socializing Technology

Access your audiovisual content with a voice command.

  • Comfort and Usability. No need to type or write, freeing up your hands for other tasks.
  • For All Ages. Access to media without age restrictions. Anyone can access news and content with a simple voice command.
  • Without Traditional Devices. Reduces the need to use devices such as computers, touchscreens, or keyboards.
  • Accessibility. A valuable tool for people with difficulties or special needs to access and consume content.
  • Better audiovisual language. The audience can consume content from anywhere in the world.

Key points




AI Integration


  • Access to TV and radio streaming. By accessing the skill of the medium, with your SmartTV or Alexa Echo device, you can access live internet TV broadcasting by saying “television.” To access the radio, simply say “radio.” It’s that easy.



  • News. With the command “news,” the system visually and audibly plays the latest five news items regardless of their collection or section. The cover image of the news is displayed, followed by the headline and subtitle being read aloud.



  • Multi-access. Access to news and radio content from any device, including from the car and with your mobile phone. You just need to access Alexa and say the magic word, for example, “Open TV Mataró.”




Listen to the audio of a news item in different languages: Spanish, Catalan and English

Download the TVMataró Case Study

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Director of TVMataró

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