NEWSPORTAL: Elevate your communication with the power of audiovisual storytelling.

  • Enhance your content with the power of audiovisual storytelling. Engage your audience with a more captivating reading. Elevate your news by creating an audiovisual experience.
  • Experience the freedom and flexibility to craft your portal precisely to your vision. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your audience informed with the latest updates.
  • Leverage our dynamic structures to seamlessly integrate breaking news and keep your audience informed.
  • Loyalize your audience by unifying all your digital content avoiding the audience suffering a fragmented consultation experience

Key points




RSS Embedded

AI Integration


  • No-code front page layout. Design and structure your portal without technical knowledge and using the Drag&Drop function. Select the news structure that best suits you and combine it with video, audio, and text news.
  • Collections and sections. Publish and order news collections and sections based on audiovisual criteria.
  • Social networks. Embed your YouTube videos and your Instagram creations on the portal.
  • AI Integration. Voice conversational system for playing your news.

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